Our products come from the following suppliers and manufacturers.

LIVING CRAFTS pays close attention to high-quality raw materials and neat manufacturing pursuant to fixed environmental and social standards. What is important to them are manufacturing processes which are socioeconomically justifiable and eco-friendly. They favor long-term supply agreements on a cooperative basis with their producers and aim at avoiding unnecessary environmental impact. They achive this by avoiding the use of pesticides and chemical additives for growing and processing the raw materials, using equipment which is operated thermo-mechanically only and eco-friendly, poison-free colours.
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ETHOS is a thriving Paris fashion house producing stylish, high-quality garments of excellent quality made from organic materials. Every person involved in the production, design and sale of Ethos garments is paid a living wage while sustainability and ethical practices form the basis of their business activities in developing countries.
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PEAU ETHIQUE manufactures a line of lingerie, night wears, socks and tights for all the family, from the baby to the adult. They offer an organic cotton line, comfortable, coloured and made in fair-trade, for the good being of all and by respect of Human and the Nature.
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MADNESS manufactures clothes from hemp and certified organic cotton. their products are also certified by the Fair Wear Foundation.
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EUROPEAN WEAR is a clothing wholesaler and manufacturer.
Their bamboo T-shirts are certified by Naturally Sustainable Bamboo, Soil Association, Fair Wear Foundation and Confidence in Textiles.

UNDER THE SUN BAMBOO manufactures bamboo clothing, sustainable, comfortable and soft.
Unfortunately Under the Sun Bamboo ceased trading in 2014.

BLUE CANOE uses natural fibers for natural comfort, natural beauty. Organic cotton and organic bamboo are the hallmark of Blue Canoe, the heart of everything they do. Simply put, they’re good for the world.
The cotton and bamboo are grown without harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Then, only the most gentle, nontoxic dyes are used. So plants, animals and people are protected. The result? Fabrics that are inherently soft, fluid and breathable, even in the warmest weather.
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Organic clothes from FabOrganics are fashionable, from a quality at prices you can afford and good for people, animals and the environment.
We offer sunny T-shirts, tops and polos, skin-soft towels, underwear and nightwear which all are non-toxic and non-allergic.
Our fabrics are made from organic cotton, hemp and bamboo. FabOrganics, not just fashion ...